Saturday, April 16, 2011

A taste of Italy

Ok so you guys ready to hear about my favorite italian restaurant in all of Texas?
It's a little known gem by the name of Napoli's and it is some serious good eats.
The owner is an italian amerian from new york where a lot of the ingredients are shipped from (NJ also.)
There are 5 locationss in texas last time i checked including denton, mesquite, garland, and forney. He even  opened a store up in Italy last year! To the point the food is amazing. If you are a foodie and despise so called italian and pizza places like cici's and the olive garden try this place and you will know what i have been missing from jeresey (my birth state.) Everything is reasonably priced as well. Two suggestions from me. Try their lobster raviolis and a cannoli for dessert. Oh yea and their pizza is out of this world. Happy munchies!

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  1. Loveeee Italian food! Now I really wanna go get some.